The Bridal Bug

Event Specialists

We are so pleased that you are taking a moment to consider The Bridal Bug as your event coordinator. We are here for any couple who has ever had the dream of a perfect flawless wedding. While long ago hiring a wedding planner was considered an expensive luxury, we're in a era where a wedding planner is actually a necessity. I invite you to dream big and allow yourself to be spoiled during your wedding experience. 

The Bridal Bug accepts all events: if you have a special request feel free to request info!


The 90 day wedding:

You’re expecting a baby, your fiancée or immediate family member is getting deployed, or you simply put everything off until the last minute:

Whatever the reason, you need to have a wedding in the next 90 days or less!

Whatever your timeline, if it’s a week or if it’s the full 90 days, do not be deceived into thinking you have to slaughter your wedding into tiny pieces because you don’t have the average 18 month time span to plan.

Whatever your budget, $1,500 to $20,000 you set the bar on how much you want to put into your wedding.

Whatever your vision, if you are picturing a back yard tea party or a gorgeous gala. This is your day, your way.

The Bridal Bug is specialized to last minute preparations. Even on a short timeline your engagement should be a special time to enjoy and cherish. Allow that to become a reality when you allow The Bridal Bug to create your special day.